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On this page I will list products and services from vendor’s which I use on a daily basis for myself and my clients. I can highly recommend them for your use. Some are “OpenSource” software with are free to use. Others have a commercial version for use in a business network/workstation.

AVG Anti-Virus

Great Anti-Virus software. They have a version that is “Free For Home Use” and a commercial version for the corporate workstation/servers.


For Spyware/Malware detection & removal. They have a paid version and a “free” version.

SpyBot Search & Destroy

Spyware/Malware detection and removal. License is “OpenSource”. They will accept donations.


A one-time utility that you run if the workstation is badly infected. The PC must be able to access the network for the full power of the scan to work. Otherwise a scaled-back version will run.

LavaSoft Ad-Aware

Spyware/Malware detection. Free version is available but will not monitor “live” for potential problems. Paid version will actively scan in the background to prevent infections.

Avast Anti-Virus

Another good anti-virus software with an option to request a license that is “free for home use” which must be renewed each year.

ClamWin Anti-Virus

Open-Source Anti-Virus.